Proactive Maintenance services !


Located in Granby, Quebec Mecalectro is perfectly situated to offer our proactive maintenance services in Montreal, Sherbrook and Drummondville. With numerous years of experience in industrial maintenance, electromechanical, and automation we are able to offer our clients the expertise required to fully service their current, and future industrial maintenance.

Our mission

We provide proactive maintenance and industrial maintenance services, therefore helping our clients to reach the highest level of workplace reliability and performance.

To achieve this mission we apply the proactive principles of maintenance enabling you to protect your long term investment on equipment and machinery.

Why work with us

Due to our diverse experience in electromechanical industry and our expertise in maintenance specialized tools.

We work with the philosophy of reliability centered maintenance (RCM), and we can meet all the challenges faced on improving your equipment and your maintenance.

Why invest in maintenance

If you have the following problems:

  • Increase in maintenance related costs.
  • Shortage of qualified workers.
  • Non efficiency of your equipment , and  loss of productivity .
  • Aging equipment.
  • Defiency in equipement security.

Enables proactive maintenance, the proactive mode and philosophy that works on reliability centered maintenance (RCM), and will allow you to increase your productivity, and improve labour effectiveness and increase workers motivation. 

Our services

Our services are available for different types of maintenance. They can be used independently or globally to improve your overall efficiency.

  • Curative, corrective and not planed – diagnosis and troubleshooting of electromechanical systems, pneumatic controls. Rehabilitate the worn down  equipment often associated with emergency repairs..
  • Planed corrective – Make repairs or change parts at scheduled times following an intervention or due to predictive signs of break down.
  • Preventive – To perform maintenance at scheduled times based on certain criteria and to reduce the possibility of failure. Provide labor to run your preventative program.
  • Predictive maintenance (PdM) – Equipment analysis for an approach to predictive and proactive maintenance, using specialized equipment such as infrared thermography and vibration analysis.
  • Proactive maintenance – Implementation of a proactive maintenance process and to perform proactive maintenance.
  • Project  – To put in place technological upgrading (retro fit). Example : change the DC to AC inverter, the Installation of equipment and update plans.

For more information and to discuss how we can help you to reach a higher level of productivity call us !